Sheina Lew-Levy is a Masters student at Fitzwilliam College in the Department of Biological Anthropology. She researches the evolution of childhood and play by focusing on the activities that hunter-gatherer children participate in today. In her spare time, Sheina teaches outdoor education and loves working with young women in the outdoors.

Stephanie Lopez is studying for an MPhil at Pembroke College in Latin American Studies. Her research interests include inequality in Latin America, violence, insecurity and water politics. Stephanie enjoys writing, editing, cooking and volunteering with children.

Sheina and Stephanie met at University of Cambridge, where they both received the Gates Cambridge Scholarship, which focuses on social entrepreneurship and bettering the lives of others. It is through this framework that Sheina and Stephanie cooked up the idea for this project. We hope that building a website that celebrates the stories of tenacious young women can inspire others and create a network that serves to build up the strength and agency of each girl because, after all, stories of girlhood are stories of strength.