– Sarah-Louise Decrausaz, UK

Let me be someone else’s
Let me be another piece of someone.

Because then he might make me
So I dream, and I dream and I dream and I weep and I worry and I yearn and I
I read words strung together with pain, pleasure, time, dust, blood, money, oceans, leather, fire
I read words wrought with iron, hurricanes, algorithms, ballads, mitosis, sinew
I read words that hold regret, anecdotes, ice, dusk, tomorrows, yesterdays, thorns
I read words of the
For the
In the
Wide, wide world.

Dreaming, weeping, yearning softens with the
Eyes open large,
Tongue tasting sweet, bitter, raindrops, cigarettes, humility
Symphonies on the page and in my brainwaves
And in my brainwaves (not in my breasts, fat thighs, curved nose, contralto, scarred knees, broad feet, soft belly, kohl, ingrown hairs, ink and virginity)
In my brainwaves and my neurons and my visions and my words and my voice
I am
Become more.

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