– T Howling

Every day we experience highs and lows as we pay attention to our life unfolding in front of us. I believe the difference resides in how we handle them. There is much to experience… Life is so rich! We get caught up in limited things and thinking, yet there is so much more… to taste, to see, to hear, to feel, to experience, to discover! Life is an open invitation, like a bottomless treasure chest. And yes, it may contain rusty coins. Still, are you up for the upcoming surprises?

Some people go through their lives ignoring that treasure chest; they choose to not open it at all. Maybe they’ve found some hurtful things in it once and gave up trying new things in fear of getting hurt again… And they live their whole lives doing, thinking and believing the same stuff – over and over. And that’s okay; it’s their choice.

Some people can’t stop reaching inside that chest to find new things, going from one to another in the blink of an eye. Many times not even taking a break to fully experience each new situation. Some others stop to enjoy every experience and evaluate if it is something they want to keep in their lives or release. It’s also their choice.

Some others go with the flow and have phases of opening the chest and then keeping it closed for a while. Many times this is not under our control, as much as we try. Surprises will show up in our lives, whether we want them or not. We could try to ignore them, but they tend to come back, and usually in a bigger imposed way. We need to learn how to embrace them. Every experience, whether we judge it “good” or “bad” needs to find space in us to be able to move through.

You are the one who chooses how to handle the surprises you are given.

However you choose to live, can you see life from the perspective of a miracle – a box of surprises created just for you? You are the one who chooses how to handle the surprises you are given. Every day we have a choice on how to perceive what is in front of us. Will you smile at a new challenge or simply refuse it without even investigating it? Will you roll up your sleeves or stay down on your knees? Will you choose to shine or shrink? I know life can get overwhelming when many curve balls are thrown at us at the same time. That’s the time we need to ask for help – from friends, family, community or a Higher Power, if you believe in it. Simply ask for help, and it will show up in some way, just keep your eyes open for it.

So, how will you choose to handle today?

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