I reported being raped because I believed it was the right thing to do. It was the only channel open to me through which to report injustice. Most importantly, I hope it will help protect other people, women in particular, from experiencing rape.

I initially wanted to deal with the problem through my university or/ and union. However, they were unable to do anything to help me so my choice became to do nothing or go to the police. I was not prepared to do nothing, as it would have felt as if I was abandoning my ideals. I knew I had to be strong or I would seriously regret it so I went to the police.

The police are very unlikely to prosecute and I think it is a huge problem that so few rapists are ever even brought to trial. However, I now feel that I have done everything I could have done to gain justice and for the law to be appropriately implemented.

One of my main concerns is that even if he were to be sentenced, I am not convinced going to prison would do anything to help.  There are so few rehabilitation programs and consent workshops are not often run. I am not sure that my rapist would learn anything from going to prison.

It was also an important opportunity for me to reclaim my voice, speak out and share my story.

I hope that he has learnt just as much from the fact that I reported the rape. I think that reporting the crime will make almost as serious an impression as conviction would and I hope that in the future he always checks consent. This is the main thing that matters to me, that the guy who rapes me never rapes anyone else.

The main reason for reporting rape was to impress upon him the seriousness of the crime and ensure that he did not become a repeat offender. It was also an important opportunity for me to reclaim my voice, speak out and share my story.

The more survivors who report rape, the more rapes will be convicted and the less it will be seen as a norm. Rape is a crime that we must invest more time into bringing to an end.

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