-Lucy Mooring

In memory of the women before me
Those blinded by the patriarchy.
The women who knew their place beyond a kitchen sink
Those who were told how to act, speak, and think.
To the women, who fought, screamed, marched, and starved
Your place within history is forever carved.
To the women, without recognition, appreciation or respect
Your value holds an infinite effect.
To the women, that refused restraint, or a cage
For the women, who knew they were worth more, than their wage.
To the women with a brain
And who society thought was insane.
For the women, who weren’t white
Those who worked the streets at night. To the fierce, brutal, and strong
Your battle has been hard and long.
To the women, with fire within
To those, who lusted, loved, and sinned.
For the women against the binary
To the women seen as a man’s finery.

To the women,

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