-withlovekarebear,  Oregon

I am one who sits not in the darkness of jealousy and anger,
but one who basks in the light of others and encourages their accomplishments.
I am one who is inspired by the courageous humans of today,
driving forward an agenda that is powered by the neccesity of equality.
I am one who knows what her place is; not to stay in the kitchen and do the dishes,
but to stride through the dining room and demand to receive the same opportunities as my male counterparts.
I am one who is outraged by the need to walk alone at night with someone to watch me,
but too afraid to go by myself in retaliation because “you never know what could happen”.
I am one who watches day by day as the caring, loving men around me gradually begin to harden their shells and who seem doomed to follow in tiring old stereotype of never showing emotion.
I am one who listens to the ones around me and empathizes with their plights,
but until now, I have stayed quiet, relying on others around me to fight for what we want, for what we need.
But now?
I am one who refuses to be silent.

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