– Lisa Kendrick, Norfolk, Virginia

For pro-lifers argumentation is easy:
throw shame in the faces of women like sand in the face of an enemy.
The fallacious soldiers of scare tactics and dogmatism and straw man
fall in line like experienced Marines trained to kill.
Men contemptuously cowering women with images of mutilated fetus corpses
and charging them them with the murder of tiny theoretical souls.

What pro-lifers like to forget is the true faces of their opponents:
women, nursing wounds given to them by tyrannical husbands;
wives not allowed birth control yet whose minds and bodies are beaten down by traditional demands;
women who have meticulously used every precaution and know in their souls they cannot carry a child;
young women with no means to support even themselves and no man stepping up to be the father;
teenagers who will be ostracized from their families and demonized for the rest of their lives;
women who must make the choice between their bodies and their lives or that of the cells growing inside;
young girls ripped from childhood by the licentious hands of a family member.

Yes, some heartless females may misuse the system,
discarding what they do not want like trash,
yet the vast majority of women faced with this choice did nothing to deserve condemnation.
What pro-lifers cannot fathom is the guilty sorrow already heaped at the feet of these women,
that without legal options women have
sought coat hangers in darkened alleyways,
drugs on which to overdose,
knives with which to open veins,
giving up to become a danger to themselves and their child.

What pro-lifers cannot abide
are the empathetic medical staff members who help these women,
professionals who may risk their lives against protesters to go to work
because they know that abortion is the only choice for some women
and that the same politicians who block abortions and access to birth control
condone policies that condemn viable offspring
to same terrible cycle that brought the women there in the first place…
women who cross that threshold come from
every race,
every economic niche,
every walk of life
and none of them cross that threshold on purpose.

So lay your mutilated fetus on the fucking table…
and I will raise you
the tortured souls of terrified young girls,
the heartrending cries of battered wives,
the broken hearts of women teetering on the edges of breaking points,
the lost innocence of children used against their wills…
and my full house will beat your infantry of fallacious propaganda every time.

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