Our Team

SheinaSheina Lew-Levy (Co-founder) is PhD candidate in Psychology at the Univeristy of Cambridge. Previously, Sheina obtained her BA at McGill University (Montreal, Canada) in anthropology, where she focused on environmental anthropology and Canada’s First Nations. In her spare time, Sheina teaches outdoor education and nature connection to children and adults, and enjoys practicing survival skills, weaving baskets, and knitting.


StephStephanie Lopez (Co-founder) recently completed an MPhil in Latin American Studies at the University of Cambridge. She previously attended California State University, Fresno, where she completed a double Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Mass Communication and Journalism. Stephanie’s passion for humanitarian issues and sustainability has driven her studies and extracurricular activities including her work as a media correspondent and congressional intern.



From its inception, We Are Sister Stories received incredible support and backing from these organizations:

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